About Us

Once upon a time there was a family of 5.
 An ordinary family living an extraordinary, wild and precious life.

Cast of Characters:

The lone male in the household, a quite man with a quick mind and dry wit. The brains of the family, Daddy and Husband, a man who decodes numbers and puzzles for fun.


 Daughter A - 
The dancer and singer, rhythm runs through her blood.

Daughter B -  
The fun loving and always moving comedian, entertainer, and storyteller.  

Daughter C -
 The baby of the family, a busy super cute bundle of continual joy.

And me....Melissa- 
Artist Mom, lover of all things creative, starter of projects, coffee addict, & homeschool teacher.  The narrator of this story.  

The Lord God-  The real author of this story, the one with the plan. The unseen but very real presence, the master creator, without Him there is no story.  


Donna said...

I love the new pics SOOO much!! Great pictures!! Great memories!!!! ♥

Patrick Simpson said...

Thank you sweetheart for who you are !!
I love looking at life through your precious eyes!