Finger fun

Avery begged me for days to get out the finger painting stuff. My response always being "another time". Well I couldn't put it off anymore.  Boy did they love it. Brenna only liked it if every little bit of her hand was covered and she could paint the table instead of the paper.  She would get mad when she couldn't get enough paint our of the jar. Avery kept looking at her hands and contemplating the fact they were covered in red, yellow, and blue,  saying "Look Mom it's on my hand".  Was the 10 min of painting worth the 20 min of cleaning up after? Well, look at the pictures. :)


Donna said...

FUN!!!! Great pictures!! Painting with pudding on freezer paper is fun too & you can lick your fingers :).

Aunt Laurie said...

That looks like so much fun. I want to get the paints out myself and dive in. It was so funny that your Mom mentioned the pudding as that was my thought when I saw the pictures. Vanilla with food coloring to make the various colors is fun!! Love ya!!!
Aunt Laurie