Photo Shoot gone wild

This is B. playing pooh sticks

A. watching to see what stick is going to win
Have you every seen "Pooh Sticks"? From Winnie the Pooh
T. and the girls played for a long long time and I just snapped away with my camera....
How fun is that. Here is what the day was SUPPOSED to be about... 

Yeah, Photo shoot day wasn't as successful as I hoped it would be.
They are sweet aren't they, but way to distracted to capture a great shot. 
And getting them both to smile and be still at the same time for just 5 seconds was... impossible!  So I will just reclaim this effort by claiming these as full of personality and "artistic".  The truth is after a while (and using up our bag of candy bribes) we just started playing around and the day went from Photo mission day to family fun day. And you know what, it's OK with me :) 

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The Glocks said...

they are getting so big! i love all the new pics! we need a phone date soon to catch up! miss you!