Happy Birthday B

My silly girl is 2 years old. Today at this time I was trying to convince my husband that I was really in labor and he had better call his sister to come over. Now my baby B is 2 years old, but if you asked her she would tell you she is "thuree
She is full of life and fun. Silly faces, great big hugs, knock knock jokes, noisy kisses, funny sounds, and crazy walks. My little clown who keeps us laughing and running and stocking up on the band aids. She is a little bundle of bounce that brings us so much joy. We love you Brenna. 

Forget about the wonderful chocolate cake "I want more ice crean puleeeze"
Best hiding spot ever when playing hide and seek, who would think to look behind uncle david.
Taking care of her new baby doll.
B and grampa both need a little rest. What a great day, what a great party. 

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Donna said...

Happy Birthday Brenna!! Looks like a great party. Did anyone find Brenna behind Uncle David? I think it was a very creative hiding spot :).
Love ya,