"We can paint anytime we want to"

After 2 months of the daily question "Can we paint today?" it was time -

This is my childhood dollhouse, handmade with love by a dear friend of our family. My best friend had one just like it, decorated by our mothers with scraps of wallpaper and carpet, handmade tablecloths and bedding. Painted to match exactly the house I grew up in.
Now it belongs to A & B, and with new ownership comes the inevitable remodel.  And who is that crazy women who gave her 4 year old a paintbrush and a bowl of kilts? We had a fabulous afternoon bonding over splatters of white paint and I learned a lot too.

Did you know that at Barbies house it is only summer and NEVER fall or winter?
 (why? Because they like to play outside and eat watermelon of course) 
And it's because Barbie asked God to make it just summer and he said yes.
(with lows like 8 degrees recently I wish I lived at Barbies house)
Barbie's favorite store is Walmart?
(I can understand that)

I learned so many things about barbie I wish I had known years ago. Stay tuned for more of the exciting transformation of Barbie's house.....


Donna said...

So sweet! You brought tears of joy to my eyes & a smile on my face. Both needed on this bitter Feb. day. Can't wait to see the rest of the remodel!:) xoxo

Linda said...

Melissa, I love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful girls! You do such neat things together! Sweet memories for your children!

Linda Kern