A difficult journey

About 7 weeks ago B woke up and could not walk. Her right knee was swollen and she could not put weight on it, she had not fallen or injured it. Right away I got my bible study praying for her - about an hour later she got up and walked. It was amazing. A day later it happened again the same thing - swollen, sore, not able to walk. We went to the Doctor - they did many tests and x-rays and lots of blood was taken. Things came back ok and we were told to wait... oh, what a frustrating word. Since then it has continued -every morning it's the same thing. Struggling in the morning, ok in the afternoon. Some days it's not so bad and some days it lasts all day. Most days she's still smiling. Some day's she cries. 
April 8th we will take her to a Pediatric Arthritis Specialist. She will have more tests, blood work, x-rays, etc...
 It's been a very difficult journey. I've wanted to blog about it, but I just couldn't. Sometimes I've cried, I've struggled with God, I've been angry, I've been discouraged, and then I've been okay, I've been at peace,  I've been comforted by the Word of God and the prayers & phone calls of friends. It's been like a roller coaster gone bad. Like the beginning of spring when the world can't decided whether to give snow or 80 degree sunshine. But spring will come and then summer - Life will continue and God will still be controlling the seasons. Both of the world and of our little family.  In the meantime the roots of our faith will grow deeper and hopefully create more fruit then we had before. 
I hope you will pray for us, we know God is able to heal B's leg and we are asking him to. 
Here is the verse I am clinging to right now, I hope you will read it and be encouraged in your own journey -whether it's difficult or smooth.
Psalm 119:68 "You are good, and what you do is good; teach me your decree."


The Glocks said...

we are praying! wish we were closer! love you!

Linda said...

Melissa, I too will be praying for B as well as you and Tim! So sorry to hear what you've been going through.
Linda Kern

Anonymous said...

T & M, grace and peace to you. AJF