We got a surprise

We woke up to the orange sun reflecting off a landscape of pure white.  Beautiful, covering everything in a clean blanket. A yelling from her bed "Mommy there is snow" and jumping up and down in the excitement of it all. B's exclamation of "Ohhh, I need boots and my mittens,  where are my mittens" This is the first time we've really seen snow all winter and the first time since moving south that I've seen 4 inches of it in my yard. By tomorrow it will be gone and by Saturday it will be in the 70's, but for today it was REALLY winter, and it was really great.
Today was B's first time making a snowman. 
of course we made two snowmen, because each of the girls needed to do the carrot nose. This ones head fell off as soon as we went back inside.

 soup and hot sandwiches warmed us back up
We were warm and cozy inside reading lots of stories under a fluffy blanket.
And of course a nice long, well needed nap
Yes, it was a pretty wonderful day.


Donna said...

We've had snow on the ground since Nov & I haven't played in it once...look at the fun I've been missing! Awesome pics!! The soup & sandwich looked so delicious! It REALLY did look like a pretty wonderful day!

Sunshine said...

beautiful pictures!

Shirlene said...

Looks like everyone had a good time in all that snow! Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches are great together. It is one of my favorite comfort meals.