fields of wishes

All winter I've been dreaming about when we can spend our days going in and out of the house all day long without coats and hats and gloves. Now it's here and we are loving it.  But I also am reminded that there is a whole other "area" of our house that needs attention and LOTS of work. So as the girls run around and have adventures I plot and plan and dig and sweep and ....... 
The other day when we were out Daddy was preparing to mow the grass and I was getting ready to tackle the weeds and A says "please don't mow, I like it when the grass is long" Why? Because through the eyes of a child an overgrown lawn becomes a wonderland of possibilities or a field of wishes.
There are flowers to be picked and magic sticks to be discovered.
Do you remember what that was like? When you just played and played all day and didn't care that the beds were full of weeds and the lawn was way higher than all the neighbors lawns. 
I remember - 
 The back yard did not get mowed yesterday, it will eventually but not yet.  And we made wishes... Lots and lots of sweet wishes.
And today I'll send some of those to you...
Wishing you a wonderful weekend and sweet memories with the ones you love.


Donna said...

Caught every one!:)
I was thinking about where my adventures happened at A & Bs age...a cornfield right in our back yard in Ohio. It wasn't too long before houses replaced the cornstalks, but adventures & memories can happen wherever you have an imagination.
Love you all!!!!

The Glocks said...

what fun adventures! it is truly amazing how things get rearranged for you kids dreams to come true, even something as simple as the lawn being mowed! love to you all!

Sunshine said...

precious! love it!

Melissa said...

I love thinking of you running around in a cornfield.