Now we know

First of all - Thank you to all who have been faithfully praying for us and waiting
with us for this appointment. Tears come to my eyes when I think about the love 
I have felt from the family of God and the peace that He has generously provided today.
I give glory to God for answering my specific prayers - 
B. was more than cooperative -she was POLITE :), 
we all experienced peace, and now we know for sure.
After the doctors exam she said "Well, it is defiantly Arthritis" We were surprised to
find out B has 3 joints effected. Both knees and one finger. 
 The clinical term is Juvenile Idopathic Arthritis (JIA). Our doctor was wonderful, very clear and very positive. I am still trying to digest all we learned today but here is a little about her condition.
JIA is an auto immune disease and there are main kinds
1- involving 5 or more joints (polyarticular)
2 - involving 4 or fewer (pauciarticular
3 - systematic (Which has been ruled out in our case).
She will not be diagnosed with a specific kind until after 6 months (common practice). The second type is often less severe and is more likely to go into remission at some point. 
(Although right now B only has 3 joints effected her finger indicates it could POSSIBLY spread to other fingers or places on her hand ). 

Treatment will be necessary not just to control pain but mainly to control inflammation - controlling the inflammation is key because if not treated properly it can disfigure growth plates and destroy her joints causing her not to grow properly. 

B's treatment will begin with a basic non-steroid anti-inflammatory med. The doctor was very positive that this might keep it in check,  in 6 weeks if it has not made the difference she will recommend a short round of steroid med's.  and some physical therapy. There are other layers to treatment if this does not prove successful. 
Her treatment will also include frequent eye exams as she is at high risk for eye inflammation that if not treated can cause scarring and loss of vision.   We will be seeing a pediatric optomolagist soon, and frequently for at least 19 years. 

So - Oh Boy- right?

How about some of that positive news. Most children with JIA deal with it very well, and with treatment are not limited by it. Many children  go into remission some point in childhood and many more are able to control it with proper treatment. The doctor encouraged us to keep her very active - it will help her muscles to strengthen and not stiffen. 

Just before we left the office, while we were shaking hands with the Doctor she looked into
my WIDE eyes and said...............

She is going to be alright.
I don't have any idea if that Doctor knows the Lord - but I know she was right, not necessarily  because of the miracles of modern medicine but - 

Because HE know the plans he has for B - plans for good and not calamity to give her a future and a HOPE (which by the way is her middle name). jer 29:11

There are still things I would ask you to pray for :
-For deliverance (as God wills)
-That this first treatment would be successful 
-That God would protect her eyes and other joints


Anonymous said...

i'm glad to find your blog, and glad that you got an answer today! at least we know more specifically what to pray for!

Sunshine said...

we love you sweet b! sounds like LOTS more playhouse backyard days are in order! :)

Donna said...

Wonderfully informative!!
Right now I would love nothing more than to throw my arms around each one of you & hold you tight!
But, for this moment, I will be content to give our sweet Brenna (actually all of you) to God, our God of HOPE, (I love that!!).
Lots of love & HUGS to you all :)

Shirlene said...

Like your Mom, I wish I was there to give all of you a big hug and just listen to all you might need to say. My heart is in TN today with all of you and with Sarah even though I am not there in person. Soon, I will be there to read to my sweet Brenna and play Wii with the ever on the go Avery. I'm counting the days and until then, I will definately be doing a lot of praying.

Aunt Lou Lou said...

Hi Loudons! Glad you got some answers and now we can make B feel better! The faith that you all have will keep you all strong and B too! Just remember, the Lord will not give you anything more than you can handle! Just wanted to let you know that the Peterson family is thinking and praying for all of you. We love you!