Yesterday was a hard day, it was our 6 week check in with the doctor. We found out that the medication B has been on has not stopped the arthritis or the inflammation in her joints. In fact the Doctor discovered another joint effected -one of her elbows- I wasn't really expecting to hear that since we have seen such an improvement in her motion and movement and she hasn't complained about being in pain.  But I could clearly see that she is not fully extending either of her knees or her elbow as a result they are always slightly bent and unstable. 
The Doctor felt it was time to increase the effort to get it under control and so has added 2 medications to the one she is already taking. They gave us a 75% chance of this combination getting things under control and by that I mean of stopping the arthritis and B not feeling or acting any different than a child without JIA. This is the goal - to get things under control to send it into remission and decrease medication to "as needed" , but it could be a long road. 

today was her first eye appointment. We left the house bright and early for a 45 min drive there (Praise God for portable DVD players). We had an amazing experience with the doctor and all the staff.
 B was so brave, she interacted with the doctors and did everything they asked of her - the only thing she fussed at were the "little raindrops" they put in her eyes,  but who likes that done. 
The best part about it was they found NO inflammation and B's vision is perfect. I almost cried with relief right in front of the doctor. 

I was so proud of this girl - she has been so brave through all of this and through all the pain and frustration of not being able to keep up with her sis. And always quick to smile and laugh or tell a joke. It's inspiring really.
Keep praying for us.

I am learning to say "I trust you Lord" , I am learning to as B said the other night at dinner "trust in truth".
The truth that God is good and wants the best for his own, The truth that God's ways do not always seem orderly or even reasonable but they are according to his purpose. And the truth that I may be weak but He is strong. 


laurie said...

Praise God Melissa! I'm so thankful for your good news today...Doesn't He totally give us what we can handle for the day..nothing more. I love seeing and hearing you walk with grace through this journey!

Laurie Vinson

Donna said...

Thank you for the update!! I didn't see my e-mail until late last night. This is when our busy, far apart lives is the hardest!! Praise God for the eye news & that the Drs have more ways to make our sweet Brenna better!!
I am so greatful to God that no matter where I am, near of far, He has my beloved family in His perfect, loving, gracious hands.
I love you all & I am counting the days...:)!!!!