Camp 2009

O Lord our Lord, How majestic is your name in all the earth, 
who have displayed your splendor above the heavens! ps 8:1
We did some crazy things at camp - like have a luau on the moon.

B. didn't quite understand the fruity tea was for drinking
Party girls

Taking a walk with Mommy 
Carrying on the Loudon tradition with a little Foosball competition
Craft time.
painting pottery.

Finally they can go swimming -every day. 
B prefers to sit on the side and soak up the rays
A, we have discovered, is part mermaid. This year she could touch with her feet and swim by herself  
Probably the best thing about camp is that Nana and Papa come to play, and play, and play.
We love how camp is turning into a family affair
Uncle David (never too far away from his adoring fans)
Aunt Jennifer (who by the way did an amazing job with the food)
Busy on the job with the "assistant to the director"
More fun.
 It's not just for playing volleyball ... it makes an awesome sandbox

Sand angels 
Here we are trying to find puzzle pieces hidden around camp
They were hidden really well, but not too hard for our little detectives

Time with Daddy was rare so we stole every moment we could get. This was actually a team activity we had planned for the campers that got rained out, so it became a "family" puzzle hunt and it turned out to be one of our favorite times of the week.
A lot of time was spent hangin out on the playground (Ha ha)
discovering new ways to go down the slide 
climbing to new heights.
Totally tired by the end of the day, but our sleep was sweet.
We love camp and miss it, but it's good to be home too. (especially Daddy - doesn't it look like he is jumping for joy)  Now we are trying to catch up on our rest, and laundry. B got sick the day after we got home and is fighting a high fever. Poor thing, and she keeps asking when we are going back to camp. 

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Sunshine said...

looks like you had a blast... can't wait to hear more about the fun!