Updating the shop

Some new stuff added to the shop over the past few days.
Yes - I'm still sewing like mad 
for the shop and some custom orders too.
most evenings you can find me sitting on my couch surrounded by felt and thread, buttons and beads - 
It been a  lesson in discipline having to set everything up and clean it all up every night. 

I love it though - I usually sew and create until my eyes get all fuzzy and
I can't see anymore. 
(part of that might have to do with the crummy lighting in my den)

I have a stack of clips waiting to be photographed and posted in the shop. 
(when my models are willing)
Some of them are even for big girls (I'm really excited about that
can you tell...
A always any suggestions or ideas are so welcome - I'd love to know what you think - what works what doesn't. 
hope you ENJOY!

1 comment:

Donna said...

Proverbs 31!!!!
I picked up a package of "big girl" barrettes at HL that I will get to you sometime. Can't wait to see the new stuff. Seeing the willing models is a fun perk. :)