Crafts in the morning

puppet show

We have a craft book - It was given to us by a friend, A. found it last night and we looked through it together. This morning she hopped out of bed and her first words were "can we do something from the book". I held out for breakfast and a shower first... 
Their first choice was snowflakes.... Since it's in the mid 90's today I can understand that, but I suggested we save that one for winter. This was the winning choice - puppets made from wooden spoons. After a quick trip to the dollar store the kitchen table became our workshop. In no time at all with the help of my trusty glue gun, the crafting dream became a reality.
Then came the theatre.
My favorite show was "Laina why are you a fork" it went something like this.
Raina - Laina where are you
Laina - here I am
Raina- Why are you a fork
Laina- I don't know, they made me that way.
The end...

ok, maybe you had to be there.....

Then it was Mom's turn at the crafting table...

flower headband

flower headband2

pinkflower headband2

pinkflower headband

Ahhh... It feels so good to be creative.


Sunshine said...

love love love!!! the headbands... what headband did you use, does it have "grippers"... are they staying on the little heads? can i place an order???!!! :)

Donna said...

I didn't have to be there...the theater script made me laugh right out loud & got my day off to a smiley start :D.
The headband are beautiful!!!!

Aunt Laurie said...

Awesome headbands! I need a little granddaughter to use your wonderful creations on. I can dream!!
I can't wait until Ty is a little older so we can enjoy crafting together.
Aunt Laurie

Shirlene said...

I am behind on reading your blog and now I can see how those puppets came into being. What a great time we had with them! I think some of their puppet scripting skills come from Grampa! Lots of laughs from him and the girls. I miss them!