Day 5

Day 2,3,4 looked so similar to this I didn't bother to post photos (although there are some on Flikr)
As with most renovation projects (so I am told) it's taking longer we thought it would.
Flexibility training has prepared us well for the inconvenience of a half bath being shared by 4 people and a dust filled shower with no door or window covering. Honestly - ME being raised in a family of five with one toilet between us all and Tim in a family of 11 with one full bathroom , this is really not a big deal. I think the hardest thing for me is just everything being out of place... Stuff is piled in every room, and the girls don't understand why they can't play with toys that are packed away and covered with an inch of dust.
Yesterday I spent cleaning up dust - I was sick of tasting it every time I took a breath - it really burns your nose. It felt so good to walk on a semi-clean floor in bare feet. And I got to do it again today, I get to do it tomorrow too... :)
The goal is to finish Monday. This weekend we will try to put some paint on the walls and scrap some ceilings. I'm looking forward to showing you that part :)
Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend - think of us while your playing.

End of day 5

end of day 5

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Donna said...

Thanks for posting the progress! Dad & I are pouring over every picture with comments like...what is going on here, ahhh, now I see it & go back to that picture & I wish we were there to help & I'm so glad they took that vent out & it that really does look bigger...can't wait to see more!