What not to wear.....

What will I wear this morning?

~My "cool clothes" ~My "Mom hat" ~ My everything is great mask" ~My burden of a busy day, or stress, or perfection or comparison? Maybe selfishness... or unrealistic expectations?

It's all the apparel of a prisoner - clothes of a slave to a weak flesh

But I have been given a new wardrobe. One way more expensive and fine than I could ever afford, but given to me free of charge.
I have been chosen of God, made holy, and dearly loved by Him (col 3:12)

If I look into the closet of my life I see these - the old and the new - side by side.
Now if I am honest with myself I have to admit I have gotten comfortable in rags, but I look with longing at the new.
~A heart of compassion ~kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness, love, peace

Are they really for me? Can I just put them on? What will it cost me?

Unless I take off the old, I can not put on the new.
I have a new wardrobe but it won't fit in my closet unless I get rid of the prison clothes first.
But every morning I make the choice, what will it be today?

What about you? Do you find it difficult to make the choice? What do you want to throw out but are finding difficult to take off?

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Sunshine said...

printing this out. hanging it in my closet!