We have been about the business of living
the business of being sick, of family,
and in between that a little painting, cleaning, playing ,and visiting
that's a quick summery

Spring seems to finally be peaking out it's shy little head
We've had the windows open the past few days
the bike tires are pumped up and finally seeing some action
This is my favorite time of year.
Today is wednesday - usually our busiest day of the week, but this week it will be slow and easy.


Today we are about the buisness of resting.
Resting is hard to do - I don't usually do it unless I am forced to.
Even when my body is still my mind is not. I'm restless.
I have to be intentional about rest - especially being still in my mind.
Sometimes I find rest through the lens of my camera -
I can focus on one thing and let everything else blur in the background.
It's restful and focusing to me.

Do you ever have trouble being at rest?

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Donna said...

Yay for tea parties, or juice parties, or whatever...looks like fun. Can't wait until I can be served by 2 beautiful little girls. :-D