Good Friday


This year I wanted to do something with the girls that would illustrate what this weekend was all about. I was so excited when I saw this idea from Ashley ann's blog (link is in the side bar). So this morning we got to work, while I mixed the dough the girls and I talked about Jesus who is is and why we recognize this day as important. They really have a good concept of all of this, I was amazed at the details they know. Then we thanked God for sending Jesus to die for our sins.

Later in the day we painted it and put it all together. Jesus went on the cross.
After a while we put him in the tomb and put the stone over the door. One of them asked with big eyes "what will happen now, will he stay there?" To which I replied "we will have to see". 
I can hardly wait until sunday....


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Donna said...

How awesome...I can't wait until Sunday!!!!!!