Last night

Last night found us at the kitchen table. Each doing our own project. A quiet kind of family bonding.
A received a special gift from a little friend, so sweet and unexpected.
A . decided that a Thank you note was in order.


She was so intent on her work. Sometimes she doesn't want to try something if she's not sure she can do it well. She already holds herself to a high standard. She really wanted to do a great job. I was so proud of her focus and her determination to do it all by herself.



He's been working so hard on this masters degree. 50+ hours of work and then he comes home and works on homework and projects. I admire him so much. I admire his ability to reach down deep and find what he needs to keep going. He gives so much of himself for us. 
We are keeping our eyes on the prize - which in this case will come in october. The finishing of school and the end of this very long season in our lives........ and beginning a new one.
He will be finishing his school career and she will be beginning hers.  

 And I will be her teacher.
Exciting - yes....
Intimidating - yes... 

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