Smores' on steroids


Just in case you didn't think we were crazy enough.
Even though it was in the mid to high 90's this particular night , we decided to go ahead and make a fire to do smores.
Mostly because my Mom happen to find these massive / oversized marshmallows.
I am not even joking friends - it was like 3 mallows in 1...
Big as lil' B's hand.


No....This is not Ice cream (although that would be tasty- this happens to be about half of the marshmallow that fell out of the smore.


And sooooo tasty!

We did however have to sit about a mile away in order not to melt.


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Donna said...

I am LOVING going down memory lane through your eyes (and lens)! It's a bit too calm & quiet around here...COME BAAAAAACK!!!!!!! :-D