First day

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Well, We did it. We have successfully completed the first day of school.
All day I have been struck with a sense of change. Like one part of our lives is forever gone and a new season is beginning. 
School days.....
For the next 12+ years it will nestle itself into our day to day and eventually will define what our year looks like. We will have a new sense of time and will use sentences like "After school today" , "Summer vacation" and "Thanksgiving break".
And this girl......
My Big girl - so ready to begin this new chapter in her journey. So excited about every new thing. "What will I learn tomorrow Mommy?" the last question on her lips tonight.
For her I hope all the most excellent things in life -
Fun and laughter for enjoyment
Challenges and struggles for character
Confidence in who she is made to be
Rich and deep relationships
and a very real dependence on God.



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knack said...

oh...they are so beautiful...and your words are such a blessing! :)