life is always changing

It's really strange how life goes sometimes. Your just skipping along ... singing your song.. and then
something flips you upside down and nothing will ever be the same. Not always a bad thing, just surprising. We found out a few weeks ago that Loudonland will be increasing by one this summer.
We are of course very excited and joyful. 
I am also very sick.
This is a common thing in my pregnancies and I expected it, my morning sickness typically shows up at night. With B I lost quite a bit of weight the first 12 weeks.  I just forgot what it was like.... like being run over by a truck... a few times every day.  The couch and I are good friends right now. 
So we are doing what we need to do for the next few weeks and not much else. School continues - a little bit here and a little bit there. Laundry may sit in the basket for days but at least it's clean.  And my normal bedtime has become 8:00pm.
This is our new life for a little while.

These pictures were all taken a few weeks ago when we were able to get outside and enjoy the early fall weather.



Donna said...

Praying that this time will pass quickly & your good days will hugely outnumber the bad!!!
Cute pictures!! A. looks so grown up in the top pic...pumpkin faces...still laughing . :-D
I am thoroughly enjoying the colors of fall, snuggling into fleece sheets, comfy cozy sweaters, yummy fall soups, pumpkin spice lattes, mmmmm...great time of year!!!
Love ya LOTS!!!

Linda said...

So excited for you Melissa!!!! Hope you will be feeling better sooner that expected! Love all your pictures...just beautiful!
I enjoyed being able to be with Kati for Jonny's 2nd birthday! So fun! LK

knack said...

yay! congrats! I remember being so sick with both of my pregnancies is not fun, but will end before you know it, and you get a sweet, beautiful bundle in the end:)

take care, and rest easy!