360 and a bit of real

Don't they look happy
What fun right..
I mean playing in the dirt, climbing trees, a mile wide smile, huge innocent eyes.
Yes, I have adorable children and I love them very very much.

Although if you had been at my house this day, you would probably have been asking when do they come and take away this Mom, she seems to have lost her mind.
Pictures are worth a thousand words, but sometimes the words they speak are not the reality in which they are taken. And to that I say THANK GOD. 
I mean who would want to see a picture of ugly words screamed at each other, or the mud that was tracked all over the finally clean floor, or the time outs, or mommy cleaning up pee pee on the floor while yelling "When you have to go you know you need to stop what your doing and get on the potty", and especially not the countless tears cried, or words spoken before thought about, and the guilty that sat heavy afterward.
Yes, it was not our best day. 

This morning I opened up my bible and my eyes happened to fall on this verse
"The Lord sustains all who fall and raises up all who are bowed down" Psalm 145:14
and I was reminded by something one of our dear pastors say over and over
The gospel is good news for those who are sick.... for those who are weak, and mess up. 
like me.
Because Jesus died for those sins.
He is not surprised when I mess up... When I fall he waits to come to him in humility so He can raise me back up and sustain me in my weakness and remove my guilt. 
I am so thankful!



Laurie said...

Melissa, God is so good.
I tried to come up with more. More words of encouragement or something more profound to share, but nothing came. Just God is good.
And thank you for sharing your heart today. I love you!
Aunt Laurie

Sunshine said...

Were you at my house today!? :)

Donna said...

Our kids love us, no matter what we do! They are so simply forgiving. You have forgiven me for all the times that I messed up, right? :-) Thank you for sharing your heart so honestly & beautifully!
Indeed, what an amazing Father God we have!!! I am regularly awed that he patiently forgives my weaknesses time & time & time again. I, too, am so thankfull!