Back to school today.
Back to some kind of normal. I have to admit I was ready.
It's so good to be on break - but too long without a schedule and things get a bit wacky here.
Not that they are not usually just a little bit wacky anyway.... 
I did realize this morning one thing I am NOT ready for -
Getting up early.
Oh sleeping in and lounging in jammies how I am going to miss you.

I can't complain though 
It's been a good start to a new year and a good start to a new week.
I thank God that I can be at home with my kids, 
that I can be so involved in their education,
for friends to visit and chat with,
for crockpots that make my house smell good all day long,
and for a comfy bed I will soon be able to snuggle down in.

And you?

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Donna said...

I will forever be thankful to God (and to Dad) that I was able to be an involved, stay-at-home mom!! There are so many blessings that flood into my mind, especially around Christmas time, that I can't begin to list them. But, I will always be able to hold them dear to my heart & share them when appropriate.
I am in a different season of life now, but I'm still thankful for the lessons that each new day brings.....and for that comfy bed that I'm ALWAYS ready to snuggle into. :-)