I finished it 
I admit I did have to get a book from the library to show me some of the stitches
I LOVE the library!

And I love the way this scarf turned out, it's fun and girly.
I used some yarn I happened to have in the closet, but I am thinking about trying it again maybe in a gray or blue. 
I used the basics of this pattern here but made the top a little different. 
It would be nice if I could say I did that out of creative genius, but the truth is I messed up the top and just went with it instead of pulling it all out... 
It's all good, I like the way it turned out.


Melissa, Protector of Swordland said...

can I get on your christmas present list? :)

Donna said...

Very cool!!! I love the colors & I love that you made it! I wear scarves to work almost every day. I've had a lot of fun with different looks & ways to wear them. Fun stuff!