In my kitchen


Right now in my kitchen I have a huge old window on my counter - It's a fun place to hang family photo's and tack up recipes or notes and cards from friends.  It can get kind of messy looking at times, but I really love it. Most of our family lives far away so I love having a daily reminder of them in the place I spend the most time.  
And I just love love love the look of old, chippy window frames - there is something so beautiful and homey about them.   
Yesterday I attacked my children's rooms / toys /junk with a vengeance. Oh my, THAT was a job that I have put off for way too long. Do you realise that things that intimidate you don't just go away when you ignore them, instead they just get bigger and bigger until you can't possibly avoid them any more .... huh... 
Now I am trying to work out the logistics of what room will be the nursery and where we are going to put everything. Looks like it may be time for bunk beds..... something I so do not want to do. 
It also looks like we are going to have to get busy on some of those other home projects we have successfully avoiding too long.
It had to happen sometime, nothin like a bit of motivation.
Here is to a Happy Monday and a new week - 
hopefully full of motivation


Donna said...

I love your window, too!!!
I have some closets & a basement that are my intimidating projects...& you're doesn't go away...the mess gets worse...ugggggg! No motivation for that today, but someday. :-)
Have a GREAT Monday!! xoxo

knack said...

I love old chippy windows and have two propped on side tables in my den! They just add a bit if character wherever they go!

Here's to a productive week!