a SWEET day


Today was a snow day in our area.
Yes, there was playing in the snow.. and hot chocolate.
But all that paled in comparison to the sweet time we had together as a family in the kitchen.
What was on the menu?
Homemade donuts... yum.

 everyone had a job
mixing , cutting and rolling.
Frying and flipping
dipping and shaking..
It was super fun quality time
We decided to make trying new recipes as a family a new thing at Loudonland.
The girls have already started a list of thing to make
Ice cream, chocolate vanilla cake, chocolate chip cookies...
I want to try bagels
Let me know if you have any suggestions of things we should try.
And while your at it why don't you try a little family cooking bonding yourself.

Stay warm..


Melissa, Protector of Swordland said...

hey! I think we are trying that tomorrow or wed.! I might call and ask for your recipe...how yummy!

knack said...

we had a snow day too! How fun......the doughnuts look awesome!


Donna said...

Warm, freshly made english muffins w/ butter & home-made strawberry jam....mmmmmmmmmmm!!
The donuts look amazing! Such fun!!!!!