feeling febuary-ish

 February - It's hard for me to remember it's already here. The first month of 2011 flown away and all gone. A new month, a new day, another chance. I am finding hope in this new month. I am resolving to walk through it with a better attitude, more kindness, and more faith... not perfectly (although I can't help but wish)... but more aware. 
More words of encouragement and love for my girls
a softer voice
an earlier morning to spend time with Jesus
a perspective change of my circumstances
more honest prayer
Not because I am a super spiritual giant -
but because I am desperately and hopelessly needy.

We've started putting our hands to work with a few little valentine's crafts. The girls are planning some spectacular projects - ALL of them have to do with lots and lots of glitter. I personally am looking forward to the ones having to do with sugar and butter. 
We have never done valentines up very big before - nothing really more than a special treat or two. This year the girls are old enough and aware enough to be motivating me to do something special. I'm not sure what yet. Any ideas?
Maybe a fancy candlelight dinner, or a scavenger hunt, hmm...

I was able to do this fun 30min or so craft the other day during quite time, it looks so happy hanging in our kitchen. Not hard to do and pretty to look at. Wanna make one too? There is a great tutorial here at this site, take a look it's a beautiful website with lots of fun ideas.

Hope your February is filled with all the best things...
Bring it on.

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carissa... brown eyed fox said...

oh melissa... it was like you jumped in my heart and said out loud what was written there.
your words truly spoke to me.
thank you!

and those hearts... love that idea!
very pretty.
i bet my girls would love that!

hugs from wy