looking for sprinkles

For a moment I find myself in relative quiet -
The door is open beside me and Daddy is chief in charge of outside energy output.
It feels good to be making a new post - this week I just have not had the energy or will to do more than check e-mails. 
I have battled the nasty flu bug this past week and today I am feeling rather victorious (If not a bit wobbly). I tell you - does it not seem like this particular winter people are dropping like flies? (where does that statement come from anyway, it is so silly). 


Moment of quiet now over- the troops have arrived and are looking for dinner.

These are a few random pic's I took during my week of couch hugging.
The kiddo's were real troopers this week. Not complaining about missed activities, and content to find their own fun either inside with coloring and puzzles and toys or outside in the yard being "scouts" and building campfires (pretend). And we are proof that you can survive and be alright on an entire week of  PB and J sandwiches, cereal and chicken soup - as long as you throw in an occasional piece of fruit.....  And I learned that frozen lasagna is actually pretty decent (I know.....)
As much as I hate being sick (especially for such a long time) I have to admit that God knows just what I need. Sometimes that is to just practice being still, embracing a peaceful moment without guilt, indulging in sleep. Why do I have to be forced into such blessings -
The world, even my world, continues to move in orbit even if I am not busy. I don't hold anything up - not really.
If if I am not still - I would miss the birds early spring song and the cool breeze's embrace through the open window, I would miss watching little ballerina's twirl, I would miss the deep concentration on her face as she carefully puts her crayon to the paper, I would miss conversation with a 4 year old about life and the possibilities of the future.
God breaths His love on us in small ways too. Are we paying attention? Is it possible we are walking right past the most beautiful of gifts because our eyes are fixed on the next thing we need to do?


The big things in life are consuming... Here, we have major decisions to work through this year. Things that change the course of life.
God sprinkles small and lovely surprises through our day to remind us of his presence, that His eyes see us and His ears are attentive to our prayers.
Be aware....
Be thankful.......

Small blessings can outweigh large trials.


Be aware...
Be thankful.....

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