Hello again

It's been a while. April seems to have flown away and May is trying to keep up the pace. I for one am more than ready for things to start slowing down a bit, but that doesn't appear as reality.  
Is it better to be busy than bored? 
Not convinced- I think a little boredom in life is good for creativity.
Busy however is the more necessary -
Much of these past couple weeks have been busy with end of the year program wrap up's, photography and video projects, nursery painting, and sewing... sewing... sewing... with summer already on us and a baby getting ready to make her debut in a few weeks there was quite a long list. Thanks to a generous friend who loaned me her serger for a few weeks my "done pile" has grown to include:
4 skirts, 2 nightgowns, 2 sundresses, 3 crib sheets, 3 burp clothes, 2 diaper covers, 1 blanket, 1 ruffled onesie, 1 top, and 2 flower girl dresses.
We made a quick weekend trip north to celebrate Tim's baby brothers wedding and the girls had their first experience being in a bridal party. After the nerves subsided they had a ton of fun. The theme for all the girls dresses was "coordinating" not "matching" I am loving this particular trend - it was a fun challenge to figure out how to match their dresses without matching them.
IMG_8834  IMG_8831 
Sometimes we don't realise how much we miss being with family. We have lived "away" for so long now it's normal. Being with everyone - even for just a short time, was so sweet. 
I can say the same thing for the 4 of us - 
Getting out of town gave us the chance to be together and take a deep breath, play with the girls and do some snuggling. 

I am now 33 weeks along in this pregnancy and I now know why 12+ hour trips in the car are not recommended in late pregnancy.
Baby Pumpkin also chose this particular weekend to have a growth spurt and drop down low, and I am still trying to figure out how it is possible to go away for 1 weekend and come home to have most of your pants not fit.
We are getting so anxious to meet this little one - it seems she is so close to being here and still so far away at the same time. I think we have finally chosen a name for her (although at this point she is still known as pumpkin).  And No, I will not tell you if her name begins with a C or not - the monogramming will just have to wait. 

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