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The bond between sisters is something I have always admired. Something about the connection between these girls is so different than the connection between a brother and sister. 
I watch it with a kind of awe - 
Each of them have a place
The Firstborn- is in charge, the helper, Mommy #2, the one who tries hard to make everything right and make sure everyone is happy.
The second born- The one who keeps the fun alive, the energy, the storyteller, making the silly faces and covering everyone with kisses
The Baby- content as long as she is snuggled in someones arm
Begun from the same place they are so different but familiar.
 they are intertwined to the soul and know each other instinctively
and I pray it will always be that way.

The big question is always
Who do you think C looks like...
To me she is a perfect blend of the 2 while still sporting her own look.
And already showing a personality as big as either of her sisters, I can't wait to see it emerge. This week we got our first big grins and little coo's from little C (who is still mostly known as Pumpkin here at home) Something about those little eyes knowing you and happy to see you makes 12am and 2am and 5am (respectively) seem like not such a big deal. There is a lot going on in loudonland these days, but I am trying my best to keep my camera handy, and I am going to try my best to post some short updates and photos . 


Sunshine said...

love this. adore the picture of the three of them! i hope you sent that to print BIG immediately! :)

Melissa, Protector of Swordland said...

Oh my!!! Love it!!! I still think she is a blend of the two. She seems to know her place already!