Summer is over - well not technically I guess but we have started school so I guess in my mind summer is over. I am so glad. As much of a transition as it's going to be (!st grade, pre-school, and an infant) I am breathing deep sighs of relief that new seasons are on the way. Both outside and inside our little home. It's been a very long summer.  I feel like I have been on a tilt-a-whirl for months - and yes I'm a bit dizzy.

But the ride is slowing down and I can't wait to put my feet on the ground again. maybe.... You just never know with life sometimes.

The summer began....   pursuing a job change, a move to an unfamiliar city, a baby expected,and a house to sell.
The summer is ending with... a new job that is not exactly what we expected but things are getting better, the addition to our family of a sweet baby girl, a house going on the market next week, and finding out that we do NOT have to move out of town but we get to stay here... In this southern city that has become such a home for us Yankee's.

Whew - I am ready for a vacation.

It will be a while though - things are still hopping in Loudonland. We started school last week. I have to admit, I am glad for the return of routine and for something stable I can base our days around. My goal for this school year is to have fun (what? school year? fun? ). We need it... we need to laugh and explore and reconnect and relax. They need my attention and the dicipline of an ordered day - something that they have not had much of this summer.
So - in honor of the beginning of school and having a little fun we put together a little fun photo shoot (because that's one way we do fun here..)
  She can often be found reading the dictionary - in fact she likes to take it to bed with her. On the floor below her foot are some of her favorite books this year - She loves reading about animals, inventions and how the human body works.
IMG_1257  IMG_1263 
But when asked what her favorite book was - this is the one she went and got 
a mystery.
Now that's MY child for sure.....
After a while we started to get a little crazy -
and of course sister wanted in on the action...
She had already eaten her apple... 
Our theme verse for the year is PHIL 4 :13
"I can do ALL things through HIM who gives me strength."
Whatever else we learn this year this is the thing I want them to remember


Melissa, Protector of Swordland said...

Oh Melissa! What are you going to do???? They are so beautiful!!!!

Donna said...

Okay, I commented yesterday & it's missing...hmmmm.
These pictures are absolutely fabulous! A is the best subject & you captured so many different expressions. They are such fun to look at!!! And, little "me too" just made me laugh. I could hear her having to do it like sister...well almost like her. :-)
I know that you will do what you can to make this a fun & successful school year....just remember to keep the camera close! XOXOXO