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 We had a great labor day weekend together filled with family time, shopping (me), outside playing, new games, sorting and organizing, gardening, grouting tile, teaching daddy how to make milkshakes, movie night with popcorn, reading, napping, and a whole day of cleaning the house (we really did labor on labor day) the house is ready to debut on the market early next week. I am excited about it and dreading it at the same time. The thought of keeping everything "just so" and "doing life" at the same time is.... well... it seems daunting.
It's nice to have everything clean, it's weird to have half of our possessions in a storage unit. Especially since fall decided to arrive (We went from over a hundred degrees to about 60 in 2 days) all our warm clothing is packed away in a tub in a storage unit 15 min away from our house.  
We laughed a lot too - Here are a few of the funnies from over the weekend....

(after feeding C) B says - Mama, I think she has "SPIToritus"
During a conversation where we were talking about our favorite music artists:
B- "I like Toby Mac"
Daddy- "I was on an airplane with Toby Mac once"
A- "WHAT???? Really, you were on an airplane."
B- "I am not touching THAT diaper one little bit"
B- "I am going to create something that will fill your whole body up with joy"


little pumpkin keeps us laughing with her funny faces and squeaky noises - the girls say she is "barking" - she does sound little a little puppy sometimes.  She has also found out that she likes to suck on her thumb. Big sister A is so proud - to quote- "FINALLY , someone else in our family likes to suck on their thumb" Here are a ton of snapshots of baby C.


Melissa, Protector of Swordland said...

In this last one, she looks just like A!!! Precious!!

Donna said...

I long to get my hands on this precious, precious little pumpkin! She is soooo beautiful & like her big sister, seems to like the camera....good for us. :-) We knew that she would be a thumb sucker...I get how that would please A! Love to all!!! xoxoxo