7 years

Dear Sweet Girl,
I know you will read this because you always love seeing a new post.  7 years ago you gave me the greatest gift of my life, you made me a Mommy.  I am so proud of you peanut, proud of what a great big sister you are and how hard you have worked in school. I appreciate what a great helper you are and how well you can read now. One of my favorite things is watching you read to your sisters.  It was so fun to watch you lose 2 teeth and get your ears pierced - I love how brave you were during both. You have learned this year what it really means to be a Christian and I love how you want to follow Jesus and how you are learning to talk to Him about the things that bother you. Never forget that He is always with you and will always help you. You are so special girl, Daddy and I both think so. God made you unique with so many abilities and talents, I hope you will always use them for Him and others. You are beautiful and your smile makes people happy.  Always be proud of who you are.
I love you lots and lots!





A's birthday was super fun this year - since it was ON Thanksgiving we partied a couple days before. We celebrated with donuts, a trip to the museum of play, a fall themed party with a huge "turkey" cookie, and getting loved on by lots of family. She thanked me later for "making her dreams come true". 

I wish I could grant them all baby girl....
Happy 7th Birthday


Kati said...

can't believe she's 7!!!! i remember the day she was born! happy birthday A! sure do miss y'all!

Melissa, Protector of Swordland said...

I remember sitting at your kitchen table writing in her book just about the time she was born. Seven years...it is possible? She is so beautiful and loved!

Donna said...

Beautiful pictures...beautiful 7 year old!

Melissa, 30+ years ago YOU made ME a mommy, one of the greatest gifts of my life! Then, 7 years ago you gave us the gift of grandparenthood...oh my...what a blessing!!! I have loved, over these 7 years, watching you thrive as a parent & as an ever seeking, ever growing child of God!!!

Avery, thank you for making us a part of your birthday dream celebration...we had soooooo much fun!!! Papa & I are so proud of you, our first granddaughter, and we love how smart & talented & sweet & fun that you are! I love you very, very much!!! ♥