6 months

IMG_3630    I almost missed this month. Tim reminded me this weekend that she will be 7 months in a few days (can it be so..)
my first thought was  "I guess I need to take her 6 month photos"
Such a big one this 6 months - half way to a year.

Her accomplishments are incredible:
Crawling, sitting up alone, all kinds of new sounds (her favorite is "oie" and she says it over and over), She laughs big laughs and yells for no reason, she finds the tiny things on the carpet and samples them all, she eats a variety of food and is no sure she likes any of them.

She is pure joy.

IMG_3665   IMG_3642 
IMG_3669  IMG_3693  IMG_3695 love this girl!

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Donna said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! These are such fun pictures & C seems to be so cooperative. She is such a big (little) girl! ♥
(I commented 2 days ago...I must have used invisible ink...strange)