Life keeps moving right along

At this moment the house is still (quite a rare occurrence these days) and quite (unheard of).
These moments are rare and priceless. 
 It seems every day as of late brings changes, some big and some small.  Someday I will have the words to write about the wild ride we are on, but today is not for that. Today is for lighthearted small talk. Baby C continually amazes us. I love how every baby is so unique and no matter how many you raise it's so exciting to watch them hit each milestone.

 7 Months - pulling up on everything
                                     climbing up the stairs
                                     waving "Hi"
                                     smiles sweetly and chatters in baby talk continually

8 months-  develops super vision able to see every piece of trash in the house
                                  develops super speed
                                  enjoys a wide variety of foods (favorites include bits of leaf, tissues, and string)
                                  discovers that drawers open and that older sisters room has the best toys
                                  cruises the furniture and uses toys as stepladders
                                  learns she can roll down the steps
                                  Has learned how to disappear like lightning                                   
what a difference a month can make........

Yesterday afternoon my oldest baby suddenly grew up when she got her first pair of glasses. Not only does she look like me but she got my near-sighted genes as well.
Boy was she excited to get them. 
It took her approximately 3 min. to choose the perfect frames.
The 2 of us celebrated with ginormous ice cream cones and orange soda. 

and if that's not cute enough....

She decided to loose her top teeth as well....
We do things big here in Loudonland

I am happy to report that her glasses are climbing, dancing, rolling, shaking, upside down, cartwheel, bike riding, scooter, and swinging proof. :) 
She made sure.



trisha said...

Darling girl....about the age my girls all got glasses.:...

trisha said...

Darling girl! About the age all my girls got glasses.....

Melissa, Protector of Swordland said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! I cant wait to see her in person!!!!

Charla Anne said...

Your girls are so adorable!

Your older daughter sure does look cute in her new glasses!