*random? Yes.

*Yes, she climbs up the stairs all the time...
Fortunately she does not try to come down - she just stands at the top and yells.
*So thankful for sweet neighbors who give me more tomatoes than I could possibly grow myself
and that I learned this year how to make sauce 
(After I put about a half gallon of tomato soup in the freezer)
* I spent 2 weeks babying a sourdough starter
I made bread twice, pancakes and waffles...
and then I threw it away because my kids kept complaining that everything tasted funny
*Here is the game scene lately
 *We have decided that these eyes are dangerous
*When you walk down our stairs wearing a dress you instantly become a princess
* I can not hit that birdie to save my life
the only one who can in our house is Dad
but we try
and I am sure our neighbors enjoy it
 *These crazy guys cover the sides of our house
it's so crazy
*This girl knows how to shop. 
I have to stop every once and a while to empty her lap of everything she has taken off the shelves
Girl has gotta get to know Dave Ramsey
*picture his at least a thousand times every day
* School is in session
We took a field trip to the fire station to see a friend
It was so fun
Here are 8 things I loved about this trip....
I wish we had a heat vision mask at our house
She loved the fire truck
Kindergarten and 2nd grade is going to rock
*It's a good thing we are prepared because we have another princess in the house
Being continued...................

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