To live

"So what's new?" 
Am I the only one who freezes at the words? Am I the only one who's mind instantly goes blank and suddenly feels lost in a thick cloud of inadequacy? 
nothing is new... but everything is new.
Every day is new and yes sometimes seems the same also.

January was new just yesterday 
and now February is stretched out before us with 333 more days of this new 2013. 333 more days of breathing, talking, laundry, dinners, cleaning, visiting, working, playing.... ordinary things. 
Is that worthy of asking about?
"So, how are the ordinary things in your life going?"
I could speak much more quickly and intelligently on that subject.

Emily Dickinson said, "To live is so startling that it leaves little time for anything else."
This same famous women spent almost every day of her life in the same house and yard doing the same ordinary and seemingly unimportant things for the same people. It is said about her that "she seemed to know that there are wonderful possibilities in the most ordinary life if we just take notice." 

Busy days back again... It's good be be back in a schedule. #homeschooled 
"Refreshing" themselves before beginning a new week.  

Queen's of mulch mountain

It doesn't have to be new. The best and most enduring things in life are the ordinary. 


Donna said...

So beautifully said!!
Yeah for an awesome large bed to snuggle in, and Yeah for a crazy big tub that holds water! :-)
Most of us live in the ordinary...there are unlimited joys in seeing its treasures!

Patrick Simpson said...

Well said!
I love the tubby shot of the girls!! :-)

Kati said...

love this!!! choose to find the joy in the normal everyday things!!!