It's official- A is an AWANA cubbie. She was so excited she wanted to wear her vest to bed and it was the first thing she asked for this morning. B is in her "Puggles" shirt. Last night in Puggles they learned about day 2 of creation, so here is how the conversation with B went.
Mommy - "B, what's on your picture"
B- "clouds"
Mommy- "Who made the clouds"
B- (shouting with her hands in the air) "MEEEE".....
So, we have a little way to go 
So lives on the family AWANA tradition. 


Sunshine said...

I just discovered your wonderful blog (saw the link from the glock's page)... anyways it's so fun! just what i needed, one more thing to keep me online! :)

Charissa said...

Hey Melissa! I found your blog through the Glock's as well. How fun! I love seeing what you're up to, and your girls are getting so big! I can't believe it!

miss you!