Escape to chattanooga

After 3 months of squeezing in family time whenever we could we got smart and got away. Although it was only for a couple of days that focused time is somehow different than just normally being together. So we went down the road to Chattanooga. We discovered the cutest little zoo (Inexpensive too) where my little tigers could roam wild and free with there kind. It was a wonderful hands on kind of zoo with lots of things to hear and touch. We just love places where you can look with your hands not just your eyes.


Charissa said...

it looks like a ton of fun and I'm glad you got to get away as a family! I've been wanting to do that myself...just for some "me time" and undistracted time with the Lord.

I love the pics. The girls are stinkin' adorable!

Have you met little Matthew yet? we should get Jan and Steven to start a blog! haha!

Donna said...

the cutest little tigers in the whole wide world!!!! :)
love ya lots,