The Tennessee Aquarium

Chattanooga has a wonderful aquarium with so much to do and see that we spent nearly a whole day there. 

There was an entire section devoted to butterflies. They were flying everywhere. Beautiful colors and amazing design. Avery and Tim actually watched one come out of a cocoon, a first for both of them. B. wanted so badly to hold one she grabbed this one with her hand. Amazingly it survived although it was kind of limping a little.
B. is not even two yet and she had the courage to pet a shark, in fact I was a little afraid she was going to get into the tank with them.  A watched in amazement but her hand did not go anywhere near one.

Getting up close and personal with a spider crab. Check out B's face. That's kind of how I felt about it too.
B. says I lub dat pengin. She gave them all big hugs and kisses. She told me they were her     "fav-it"

Ahhh.. A shark.  This is my brave girl. A. wouldn't even walk near the picture of the big shark. B. thought it was great. Overall it was a wonderful trip and I would recommend it to anyone. 

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