This was so fun it may just become a family tradition. We had quite a time actually finding a pumpkin. The plan was to go to our local pumpkin farm and get it there, well 10 min. down the road it began to pour rain. We were about to scrap the whole plan when we hear A. in the back seat PRAYING "God, please let the rain stop so we can go to the farm." Well good grief I was ready to get 10 pumpkins at that point, but the rain was obviously not going to stop. The first store we went to had these gigantic pumpkins that were way too big for us. So we get back in the car and are on our way to the next store and B. gets sick everywhere (you would never know from this video that she had a fever of 101 degrees.) A. did obviously get her pumpkin and this video shows how worth it it ended up being.
A's prayer will hopefully get a yes answer sometime next week.
Sorry you have to watch it with your head tilted.


Donna said...

I have watched this clip 6 times & end up belly laughing with Avery every time...so much fun!!!
Hugs & kisses to all,
Mom :)

Linda said...

I, too, have watched this several times...it makes me laugh out loud every time...love hearing all the laughs. Priceless moments! I think you should send this one into Funniest Home Videos! (from Kati's mom!)