Adventures in visiting the pumpkin farm

Does this picture not show just how exciting it was to finally be at the pumpkin patch. It was not easy getting there even though we finally had a sunny day. Between 2 Meltdowns, getting lost, injures, and lots of tears I was beginning to wonder if there was some evil force keeping us from the pumpkin patch
But it made it all the more exciting when we finally did get there (and got a lollipop) Oh the beauty of hundreds of pumpkins all in one place. You have to stop and be thankful for the bounty that we have available to us here in our country.
Bet you never thought of pumpkins as fall accessories, well they are the newest rage.
The girls got a little lost in the hay maze. B. gave up about half way through but A. persevered and made it all the way through. 
B. dubbed these the "tiny baby punkins
There is something about playing with a little people farm at an actual farm that makes it much more exciting than playing with one in your living room. 

She continued to try and pick every one up before giving up and going back to the "tiny baby ones"
A well deserved rest.... until next year.

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