Fairy Fun

Dressing up, playing games, balloons, popcorn, and candy candy candy. The harvest party was a fairy fun night, I'm not kidding there were fairies everywhere.  Here are 2 of the cutest ones at the party (in my humble opinion). This is the first year we have done the dressing up thing on Halloween and honestly I think I had just as much fun and the girls, (because I got to make the costumes). Would you ever guess that a little elastic, hangers and duct tape could turn out so cute? God did good when he gave me girls :)
Interested in making wings? Check out the tutorial on make-baby-stuff.com


Shirlene said...

They look adorable. Good job on the costumes.

Donna said...

Finding Fairies

By Marjorie Barrows

When the winds of March are wakening the crocuses and crickets,
Did you ever find a fairy near
some budding little thickets,
A-straightening her golden wings and combing out her hair?

She's there!

And when she sees you creeping up
to get a closer peek
She tumbles through the daffodils,
A-playing hide and seek,
And creeps into the tulips till
you can't find where she's hid?

Mine did!

Have you ever, ever come across
a little toadstool elf,
A-reading by a firefly lamp
and laughing to himself,
Or a saucy fairy queen upon
her favorite dragonfly?

So've I!

It's fun to see a fairy flutter
off a catkin boat,
And wrap her fairy baby in
a pussy willow coat;
Oh, don't you love the fairies
And their fairy babies, too?

I do!

Sunshine said...

yes- 2 of the cutest fairies i've ever seen! :)