4 years ago...

I just blinked and it was 4 years later. In her own words "I really can't believe it. I'm 4 years old" What a awesome blessing to be able to watch a person grow from nothing to a confident, talented girl of 4. I look forward with great anticipation to the coming years of watching and helping this sweet little individual become the person she was created to be. But I wish I could take her at various stages and just hold on a little bit longer. Maybe box up some of these special moments to pull out on the day she starts school or comes home wearing a promise of love on her finger. 
Beauty is in being exactly what God made you to be, to live passionately and fully. Eating up every moment of life with the expectation of something wonderful. That's my A. 
Join me on a tour of A's birthday bash. I've seen these banners on just about every crafting blog I've seen and just had to make one for us. The plan was to use it for every Birthday we have, but Tim thinks it's a little too pink.
Pink Pink Pink was the theme (with a little "little pony" thrown in) The cake had to be pink strawberry with pink frosting.

Her party game of choice? Bowling on the Wii (Thank you Aunt Jen) She gave Daddy a run for her money. You can see her B'day outfit in this pic. 
Yes, she is. She is painting her own nails, then she painted Aunt Sarah's, B's, and offered to paint Daddy's. (groan) I'm not ready for this yet.
Gramma, Grampa, and Great Gramma came to the party from PA via the web-cam. Nana and Papa will call in tomorrow to see all the gifts. 

A little Loudon silly fun at the table with Aunt Sarah and Aunt Jen. We feel so lucky having some family near. And A and B know there aunties are the coolest ever.

Praise the Lord, O my soul; all my inmost being praise his holy name.
 Praise the Lord oh my soul and forget not all his benefits. Psalm 103:1-2


Donna said...

What a joy to do my morning blog check & find birthday pics already up. Thank You!
Happy 4th Birthday Avery!!
She looks so pretty & so happy & so grown up. I love the birthday banner! Maybe you should make a man banner for Tim...the poor guy IS surrounded by pink :).
Keep holding on to every sweet & memorable moment & stage that comes your way, because they are so quickly out of reach... happily replaced by new ones...like grandchildren!!!
I love you all so much!!
Mom :)

The Glocks said...

happy birthday A!!!!! be on the look out for a package from us!