Not once but twice

Sunday night Tim took the girls to AWANA. As I was enjoying some alone time at home (a "never happens" occurrence) I get a call from him. It seems that B. was marching around with her fellow puggles and took a dive into the side of a metal TV cabinet. He was a little concerned because her head was triple it's normal size and was going to bring her home. As I was anxiously waiting by the door I see Tim bringing home not one but TWO crying girls. It seems that after he hung up the phone He was told that A. had just been hit in the head with a door. Thus ended my reprieve and began an evening of sharing the boo boo bear between a black forehead and a black eye. I wish that was the end of the story.......  Last night my sweet B (who has been fine since the incident by the way) fell into the corner of our fireplace ON THE EXACT SAME SPOT. Hence the above photos. I wasn't sure if I should take a picture or cry. I took a picture. This morning it looks much better, I don't think she will permanently look like a unicorn. As long as I can keep her on her feet.


Donna said...

She's adorable even with a unicorn head!! How's that keeping her on her feet working out? :)
Love ya, Mom :)

Melissa said...

If I talk in my sleep tonight this is what I will say. Brenna walk. Brenna stop running. Brenna don't jump on that.... ahhhhh

Sunshine said...

ohhh- it makes me hurt just looking at her head! :(