Christmas Tradition #1

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Can you believe we are moving right along in the holiday season? I love this month of the year, and look forward to it all year long. Everything becomes a celebration, everyone smiles more, twinkling lights make everything cozy, friends get together, people laugh more and talk more. And we remember - there is a reason for hope. A reason we can have peace no matter what the economy does, no matter what disappointments we may have faced this year. We can smile because the baby in the manger became the man on the cross and the man on the cross became the risen Lord.  So lets celebrate. 
I for one love traditions, and we have many. My family has always celebrated tradition and many of the ones we have are carried over from happy childhood memories. I'd love for you to share your favorite traditions by leaving a comment, and I will share ours. 
Ours begin the day after Thanksgiving with putting up our tree. In my family we received an ornament every year, my Mom carefully tracked each one noting when we received it and who it was from. Now my Mom and grandmother continue the tradition with my girls. We receive a box with new ornaments (Hallmark of course) and special goodies to snack on while we decorate. We love pulling them out and remembering when and why we got them, we tell the girls stories about when we were young. It's really special. Then we have a little crazy fun. 

"I'm a christmas tree"..... (That's our star on A's head)
"I'm a Chrissmass tee"....

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Donna said...

I would like cute little smiley trees like these at my house :). Fun pictures!!!
It's great, at work, hearing other peoples' reasons for buying the ornaments & other memorable items that they pick out.
It really is a happy time of year!
Love ya, Mom