What a mess - wanna know why?
Uuugggg--- eeeeewwwww. It's hurting my eyes. It's so ugly.

This is so much better
Yea! We finally got a new floor in our den! Some of you will understand why I am so excited about this that I am writing about it on our blog. We have been waiting a long time - 
I was so excited the day they came to put it in - the carpet guys probably thought I was on something. (Other then the fumes) 
Ahhh - I'm off to go lay on it a while :) 


Donna said...

I Love Love Love it!!! The first picture made me go huh....I should have guessed! It's obvious the girls are excited. :)

The Glocks said...

hurray!!!!! i'm sure you are just so happy!!!!