A busy week

I finally have a chance to sit down and record a bit about our week.
What a busy week . 
Hope you had a fun fourth of July - we sure did, very full too

In the morning we got to attend the beautiful wedding of an amazing couple.
(Above photo is at the wedding - poolside- Tim was in charge of making sure B didn't tumble in headfirst) 
Emily has been part of our lives ever since I moved to TN - I have loved
watching her grow and discover herself and God's awesome will for
her life. She faithfully waited for God to bring someone special
into her life and He brought a sweet guy perfect for her in every way.
Their wedding was a real celebration of them and the love of God
Aren't they gorgeous. Tim and I couldn't help but dream a bit on the way home, dream about what we want for our girls and all we hope for them. Dream about seeing them grow up
loving Jesus, surrounded by godly friends, concerned about pleasing Him. And then one day... a long long time from now being able to celebrate what magnificent things God will do in their lives.   

Tuesday was swimming day with the girls "BF".  Swimming day is now the favorite part of our week.  The practice is great too -A is basically on her own and doesn't need me anymore. Thanks to her arm floaties she is all over the pool. B is finally getting over her fear, although I wouldn't have her get rid of it completely.  

Craft's inside when Mommy was just too tired to do anything else.

Monday was a visit to the local splash park - a first for us. 
AWESOME place (and free too), It took them a while to get into the action, but 
they warmed up. 

The week was not without it's challenges though. We took B back to the specialist this week. The news was not great. The med's she is currently on don't seem to be working as well as hoped. There are more joints effected and the swelling although lessened is not gone. So I guess you could say we are one the right track, just not hitting it aggressively enough. 

So, Friday B is scheduled for a procedure which will involve sedating her and doing injections in each of her effected joints. Then we will have to keep her as immobile as possible for the next 48 hours. She will also have to have weekly injections (given by me) for a while. 
 I know I just wrote that like it wasn't that big of a deal, but I'm still working through it in my own mind. I have NO idea how we are going to do it. 

If you have ANY suggestions PLEASE PLEASE leave me a comment. 
Otherwise - please pray for us. 

We will not give up, nor will we give in to discouragement and fear. We know our God is with us and that He is mighty to save. We believe in his faithfulness, His love, His power and His tender compassion. We put out trust in Him for strength, wisdom, peace, and healing. 
He will not rest and He will not let us go.....

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