Our hospital adventure

FRIDAY 5am- Day begins with an annoying alarm clock WAY too early and a pit in my stomach because this was the day of the dreaded "procedure"  (see previous post for explanation). 
Quick showers for Mom and Dad. Hasty sips of water for a sleepy B and A. And into the car for our hour drive to the hospital with empty tummy's for all of us (it's only fair if one can't eat then all can't eat) 

6:45am - We arrive at the hospital and find our way to the O.R.  B is very quiet and just wants to be held and snuggled -Mom and Dad are more than happy to oblige.  Paperwork is done by a very ummm... boisterous (aka "LOUD") receptionist who gave us all bracelets to wear. B cries for the first time when the receptionist offers one for her bear too. 
Both bear and A declined the offer. 

Waiting... Waiting... less time than it seemed
About 7 :15 - B gets weighed and first round of questions for Mom and then we get taken to a private room with 2 chairs and a huge bed crib. B immediately says "I don't want to go in that crib" . 

More waiting... vitals get taken.. more waiting... Then comes the toys.. Hurray, we had a very generous nurse. 2 houses - one for each of them.

7:45 am - Anesthesiologist comes in (she happens to be another very "boisterous" women) , more questions and information. The Dr arrives to explain the procedure (he is a quite man who I'm sure is much better with needles than communicating with people)  He "tattoo's" B with his initials on her elbows and knees.  It's a whirlwind of people and words - explaining and reassuring and explaining again (quite loudly). Whew.... We are glad when everyone leaves the room so we can change clothes and a diaper. 
Then they come back in with needles.
 I'm holding B in a bear hug, another nurse is holding her arm and another is holding her hand The anesthesiologist still  has to do the IV twice.  Funny but the things that seemed to bother her the most was the tape. She kept screaming "take the tape off.... Mommy I want to go to my home... I don't want the tape on". It was awful of course but I was expecting it to be.   Tim was busy holding and comforting A.
after it was done they wrapped it in a "no no" (that's the big white Velcro brace on her hand) 

We were then left alone to wait.... we prayed over B and spoke words of comfort to her and just snuggled. 
9am -ish - Nurses come back in and take us to the OR room - they let me carry B to the room, and push the huge crib behind us holding our little bag.  The room is super bright and white with huge computer monitors and machines .
 B's arms go tighter around my neck. The nurse seems a little irritated -we are obviously behind schedule. I am told over and over again as people begin to filter in "she is going to fall asleep really quickly once we give her the medicine"
  ok- that's good. 
The No No come off and B is not happy about that.  They hook up the IV. She keeps saying "mama, I want to go home...Mama mama" The medicine goes in and she freaks out - it stings" She looks up at me and her eyes fall. 
I tell her - it's ok just go to sleep. Her head drops onto my shoulder and rolls off. The nurses take her, she feels like a newborn baby all floppy. 
I was not prepared for that. I gave her one more kiss and was ushered out barley holding it together.
 I see A and she says "Mom, I'm scared". I'm so glad she's there - I turn all my attention to her. Reassuring and explaining and hugging, I'm so glad I have something to do with my hands.  We find a snack machine because A is "really starving and thirsty" and sit down to wait. We got to be in our own waiting room with a TV and a people magazine. (I tell you - there are some really weird people in Hollywood ). 

10am - still waiting.... we jumped every time we heard footsteps. Tim kept looking at the time like every 5 min. At least I had A on my lap.  She had so many questions, she was so worried about her sister. We had explained to her what was going to happen and how we should treat sister, but she was still so confused. I guess at that moment we all were. 

I really don't know how long it was before the Dr came in -  about an hour I think. 
He told us how great it went and how well she did - no problems- and she was about to wake up so we could go back in a minute. Whew..... It was hard to not run. I was the only one allowed to go back into recovery. 
It took her a while to realize I was there. She kept wiggling and squirming and crying , it wasn't too unlike the way she sometimes wakes up from a nap. Unhappy about everything, it made me smile a little.  
She wanted a blanket, but not that one - the one from her bed- she wanted her bear, but then didn't want it. 
The nice nurses were running - bringing her icees and milk and blankets. Picking up her passy and making it "squeeked" with water. At one point she just went still and with her eyes closed she smiled. I knew she was just fine.
We got some Tylenol in her, some drink and got her clothes back on. All with her flopping around like a rag doll.  We were able to leave recovery pretty quickly and after last min instructions and suggestions we got out of there. 

This next picture perfectly explains how we all felt.

And this is B after she really woke up -
Doing just fine - she was cracking jokes before we were even home. And we only had one meltdown...
Finally home and straight to the couch
They gave us "no no's" for her elbows but not the knees. So she can walk around a little, but only very little.
She doesn't seem to mind being fed - I think she rather enjoys it. 
She will pick up something and hold it out with her straight arm  "Here Dad" and then open her mouth.  
She's pretty proud of her bandaids and said about her no no's "how 'bout if I wear them a little while more".  

By Monday we will be able to tell how well this procedure works, and Sunday we can take off the no no's and let her run free - Until then its everything we can think of  to keep her resting. 
Thank you for praying , for the calls, and the gifts. 
It was a long day - but we experienced Gods peace, and rest, and we laughed together. We were reminded of things that really matter, and we were quieted by the love of God (Zeph 3:17)

"Because He loves me" says the LORD, "I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him." (ps 91:14-15)

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Donna said...

Great pictures & story!! Sounds like you all survived it together...I love that!!! The picture where Brenna is snuggled with Tim & has her arm resting in Avery's lap is just precious!!
Hugs to everyone :)