A little show and tell

B's owl bag

I really love to sew. I am so thankful for a Mom and Grandmother who encouraged me to learn to sew, and have encouraged me to grow in that knowledge. I've been busy doing just that these past 3 weeks - and I'm ready to do a little of that show and tell I promised.

B's owl bag

This is B's new "CBS" bag - she is in a "real" class this year and is SOOOO excited (As this photo so perfectly shows). She needed something to carry her folder and lunch bag in. It's a heavy blue cord fabric from my Mom's stash. The owl is all felt that was cut and embroidered while I laughed at old episodes of the Cosby show (I love that show...).

B's owl bag

She really does love it (just pretend she looks like she does), she calls it her "owl bag" and carries it everywhere
A has already put in her order, then I think I may need one too - yikes. :)


The Glocks said...

i think the glock girls would like to put thier order in too! maybe you should put these on esty too! love love love them!

Donna said...

Awesome...it's so much fun to create something & see it put to good use. I love it!!!!!

Sarah said...

I'm glad that Brenna is doing okay! That must have been really scary. I love the bag. Something like that would be perfect for my work for carrying in the folders. I'd like to place an order!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the cosby show too! that is one funny show.

brenna's bag is cool too!